Midnight Dublin at Nutstown

DOB:  August 16, 2011

Our Dogs


Mickelealy's Farrah Fionnoula

​DOB:  June 30, 2010


Mickelealy's Most Excellent Aengus

DOB:  June 17, 2013


My Pretty Grace of Nutstown

DOB:  August 16, 2011


Mickelealy's Brodacious

DOB:  May 12, 2010

Dublin was born in Dublin, Ireland at Nutstown Kennels (owned by Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly). He was shipped to the United States at 12 weeks of age and raised here in Florida.  I purchased Dublin from the Kellys after visiting them at their home in Ireland about a week after he was born.  Dublin's father is Donovan, the Irish Kennel Club's #1 Irish Wolfhound in 2011 (the year Dublin was born).  Dublin is registered with the IKC and the AKC.

Dublin is black with white on his chest and the tip of his tail.  His father is wheaton and his mother

is gray.
​Kelly (see below) is his littermate sister.

The resident clown!  Brody loves everybody and everybody loves Brody!  I got Brody at 13 weeks of age from a breeder here in Florida right after his dad became an AKC Champion.  He acts as patriarch of the Mickelealy pack and has helped raise the rest of the gang to be the well-balanced beasts that they are.  Brody is a certified Canine Good Citizen through the AKC.

Brody is gray brindle with white on his chest, toes, and the tip of his tail.  Both of his parents are gray brindle.

I got Farrah from a breeder in Tennessee.  I wanted a wheaton female and looked around for quite a while until I found exactly what I was searching for.  Farrah is a head turner!  There isn't a single time I have taken her out where we were not stopped by people commenting on how beautiful she is.  She and I both enjoy the attention she gets!  Farrah is a certified Canine Good Citizen through the AKC.

Farrah is red wheaton.  Her father is red wheaton and her mother is gray.

Like her brother Dublin (above), Kelly was born at Nutstown kennels in Ireland and shipped to the United States at 12 weeks of age. Kelly thinks she is a lap dog and nothing can convince her otherwise.  Yes, I take full responsibility for this since I insisted on carrying her around like a baby when she first arrived.  She was just too cute to put down!  Kelly is also registered with both the IKC and the AKC.   

Kelly is black with a tiny white spot on her chest.  Her father is wheaton and her mother is gray.

​Aengus (pronounced en-giss)

is the baby of the Mickelealy pack.  I liked the looks of his parents so I bought him ... that simple!

I would LOVE to get a current picture of this guy, but they all come out blury -- he never stops moving!

Aengus is wheaton as are both of his parents.